My latest great read!


I recently had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of “Fractured”, a novella by author Anna Bragga. Anna (featured above) has had her writing featured in other anthologies, and this novella proves as powerful as her other writings.

We live in a world that has started to glamorize the darker sides of sex through books like 50 Shades of Grey, yet it is important to remember that there is still a real world of real victims that experience horrific sexual abuse, many times being held hostage not by a gun. But by the financial realities of life during a time when many young women struggle to live on their own, and may make desperate choices to ensure their own economic security.

In Fractured, Bragga’s heroine Deb, and her experiences of making her way in the world, reminds us of how young women may easily find themselves caught in dangerous and difficult situations because their lack of experience and need to survive makes them easy prey for those with darker intentions.  

Bragga’s detailed, poetic descriptions of the beauty outside bears a stark and poignant contrast to the dark, ugly truth of life inside the house for Deb, as she struggles to find a way out of the nightmare her life has become. That same contrast then fills the reader with hope, leaving her story behind as a beacon for others who have found themselves in the same dark place.

I encourage all of you to keep your eyes out for the release of “Fractured”, you will be happy you did. It is a must read.

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