About Simply Meechi

We live in a world of 140 characters or less.

As life becomes more and more complex, we seek to express ourselves in soundbites and headliners.  We make short, declarative statements about complicated issues like poverty, race, justice, and politics, as though expressing ourselves simply will make the complex easier to understand.
It doesn’t.
I know because I have spent years trying to “capture” the right message to get my point across.  The reality is that our desire to snapshot life robs us of the ability to create change and empower others.

Why? because the truth is typically complex and messy.  If you think the answer to poverty is “get a job”, then my blog seeks to challenge your views. If you believe juvenile crime is the result of bad parenting, my blog seeks to educate you about the myriad of issues that keep children incarcerated and chained to the system.

Simply Meechi doesn’t shy away from the complex. I look at the complicated truths around the “big picture” problems of the world;  going beyond the headlines to the actual outline of the problem.  Even if you don’t agree with my views, I want to at least make sure that you see the same facts and figures that I do.  That way you are empowered to make educated decisions about how to use your own influence and affluence to make the world better.

Simplicity is the refinement of complexity.
Soundbites and tweets were never meant to replace the truth.  They were designed to draw you into the discussion, to motivate you to join the conversation.  Simply Meechi wants to arm you with the complicated realities behind major social issues of the day, and inspire you to implement real, life changing actions.  Please, join in on the conversation. And feel free to use more than 140 characters.

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