So Long Skip, and Thanks For All The Fish

When I started college in 1990 at the University of Texas at San Antonio, more than anything, I wanted to continue my activities in speech and debate.  During high school, debate was the one activity where my complete and total nerdiness actually worked to my advantage, and I couldn't wait to have those same great experiences at … Continue reading So Long Skip, and Thanks For All The Fish

What Now for After School Programs

In order to survive and thrive in a world of unsure funding, these organizations need options for sustainable funding programs that can generate earned income with low cost of implementation.

You Can’t Measure Hope: The Immeasurable Impacts of After School Programs

Regardless of their DIRECT academic effectiveness, after school programs provide children with at least one immeasurable impact - HOPE. There is no statistic to measure hope, or what could have happened if these programs were not available.

Rewriting Your Script for a Happy Ending

We all have a story to tell.  That story might be about something sad, or scary, or happy.  And while we all pick and choose what parts of our story to tell, did you know that HOW you tell your story can have a direct impact on your daily life, even making you more successful? … Continue reading Rewriting Your Script for a Happy Ending